Deuterium Depleted Veterinary Drug (Deuterium content: 25 ppm) Reg.No.:13/99 FVM

Only on prescription! Used for the adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of household pets. Effective dose should be calculated under the direction of the instructions for use. Main indication of Vetera-DDW-25® is pre-and post treatment of surgical interventions or single treatment in case of non-operable tumors. It is applicable per os (through mouth).

Vetera-DDW-25® A.U.V.

  • high efficacy
  • no side effects
  • easy to administer
  • in-home treatment
  • environment friendly technology

Produced by Pharmamagist Ltd. under the licence of HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development.

VETERA-DDW-25 A.U.V. Deuterium Depleted Water

  • Composition: Deuterium content 25 ppm+5 ppm in water
  • Formula: Liquid
  • Target animals: Dogs and cats
  • Indication: Used for the adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of household pets
  • Way of administration: The preparation is to be diluted by regular tap water for the treatmant of the diseased animal
  • Dosage: Effective dose should be calculated under the direction of the following tables:
    Time of treatmentMixing ratio of VETERA-DDW-25 and regular tap waterFinal concentration of Deuterium
    1-2.month0.5|Vetera-DDW-25 + 0.5|tap water87.5±10ppm
    2-4.month0.6|Vetera-DDW-25 + 0.4|tap water75.5±10ppm
    5-6.month0.7|Vetera-DDW-25 + 0.3|tap water62.5±10ppm
    7-10.month0.8|Vetera-DDW-25 + 0.2|tap water50.0±10ppm
    11-14.month0.9|Vetera-DDW-25 + 0.1|tap water37.5±10ppm
  • Optimum daily dose taken to refer to body weight kg from the dilution:
  • Instructions for administration: The daily dose should be taken in 2-3 portions. After pouring out a portion, it should be consumed within short time, after longer period of time the composition of the preparation can change unfavourably in contact with open air. In case of the portion has not been taken in within 4-5 hours, it is not recommended for consumption. The bottle should be recapped carefully after use!
  • Contraindication: The application is contraindicated in case of pregnancy. In case of melanoma malignum curative effect is not to be expected.
  • Side effects: Under the treatment weakness and sleepiness can occur, that can diminish or even cease after 2-3 weeks of the treatment.
  • Storing conditions: Store between 0 and 25 °C, avoid of strong light!
  • Warning: Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Bottle size: 2 litres
  • Registration number: 13/99 FVM

General report on the clinical examination of the injection preparation of Vetera-DDW-25 R A.U.V. deuterium-depleted anticancer veterinary drug

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